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Tent Rentals in Pasadena, TX

Everything You Need For a Spectacular Event!

Pasadena Tent Rentals

  • Carnival Tent Rentals Houston


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  • 10ft X 10ft Tent Rental Houston

    Daily/Weekly $475 Monthly $1380

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  • 15 x 15 High Peak Tent Rental Houston

    Daily/Weekly $575 Monthly $1670

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  • 10'x20' High Peak Tent Rental

    Daily/Weekly $625 Monthly $1815

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  • High Peak 20 x 20 Tent Rental

    Daily/Weekly $725 Monthly $2105

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  • 20 x 20 Frame Tent Rental Houston

    Daily/Weekly $725 Monthly $2105

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  • 20x30 High Peak Tent Rentals

    Daily/Weekly $950 Monthly $2755

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  • 20ft x 40ft frame tent Houston

    Daily/Weekly $1250 Monthly $3625

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  • 30ft x 30ft frame tent rental Houston

    Daily/Weekly $1295 Monthly $3760

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  • 20x50 Frame Tent Rentals Houston

    Daily/Weekly $1525 Monthly $4425

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  • 30 x 40 Frame Tent Rentals Houston

    Daily/Weekly $1525 Monthly $4425

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  • 30 x 50 Frame Tent Rentals Houston

    Daily/Weekly $1795 Monthly $5210

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  • 40x40 Frame Tent Rental Houston

    Daily/Weekly $1950 Monthly $5655

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  • 10x30 One Lane Drive Through Tent

    Daily/Weekly $1950 Monthly $5655

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  • 40' x 50' Delivery Drive Through Tent

    Daily/Weekly $3725 Monthly $10805

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Tent Add-ons

  • String Lights for 50ft

    Daily/Weekly $99 Monthly $290

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  • Tent Mounted Fans

    Daily/Weekly $150 Monthly $150

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  • Houston 6000 Watt Generator Rentals

    Daily $175 Weekly $570 Monthly $1140

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  • Outdoor Propane Heater Rentals Delivered


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  • Port a Cool Fan Rentals Misting Fans


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Tables & Chairs

  • Kids Red Folding Chairs for rent


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  • Black Folding Chairs for Children


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  • Blue Kids Folding Chair


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  • black plastic resin folding chair for rent


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  • 4ft Rectangular Kids Tables for Rent


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  • 5ft Round Adult Table


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  • table rental Houston


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  • 6ft Round Table Rentals Houston


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  • 8ft Banquet Tables for rent


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  • 1 5ft Adult Round Table & 8 Black Chairs Combo


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  • Children's table and chair rentals


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  • 2 rectangular tables and 12 chairs for rent


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  • 1 6ft Round Table 10 Chairs


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  • Snow Cone Machine and Tables and Chairs Combo


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  • popcorn machine concession package


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  • banquet tables and chairs


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  • 2 rectangular tables 12 chairs and a cotton candy machine.


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  • Holiday SpecialHoliday Special
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  • Booking Fast
Pasadena Tent Rentals | Sky High Party Rentals Clean, dependable tents delivered to Pasadena, TX. Tents for parties, weddings, food distribution, or drive through medical testing. 24/7 online tent booking.

About Us

Sky High Party Rentals began our company in early 2000's with one bounce house started in a garage. We are now the premier company for moon bounce house rentals in the world. Booking an inflatable can be made right here at our website 24/7 for around the clock delivery. 

Our huge line of themed bounce houses give families the ability to transform any backyard into a child's land of imagination. Booking an inflatable can be made right here at our website 24/7 for around the clock delivery.



  •  Open 7 days
  •  High Quality
  •  24/7 Ordering
  •  State Inspected
  •  Insured for Parks
  •  Superior Service

Now Delivering Tents to Pasadena, TX for $25 including:

  • 77058
  • 77059
  • 77502
  • 77503
  • 77504
  • 77505
  • 77506
  • 77507
  • 77536
  • 77571
  • 77586
  • Houston
  • Deer Park
  • Almeda
  • Channel View
  • La Porte
  • Baytown
  • Galena Park
  • Clear Lake
  • Friendswood

Includes Delivery, Setup, and Pickup for unlimited items.

Q. How are bounce houses cleaned and disinfected?

  • We have a 3 step cleaning process. First we vacuum and wash away with soap and water all dirt & mud from our equipment. Our employees wear gloves and face masks during the cleaning time. Our next step is to use an EPA approved disinfectant for combatting Covid-19. The name of the disinfectant we use is Simple Green Pro D 5 cleaner. We apply this product to anywhere someone might have come in contact with clean towels. This includes netting, pillars, floors, sliding surfaces, pop-up crawlers, steps, and handles.

Q. How long do I get to keep my rentals?

  • The base price for all inflatables is for up to 4 hours of rental time. Prices increase incrementally for inflatable rentals lasting more than 4 hours. For tables, chairs, furniture, smaller games & concessions the price is the same for the whole day. You can keep most rentals for as long as you like (up to 7 days) for an additional fee. If you need to keep your rental item(s) overnight, select “8 am” on the following day as your end time for the most cost-effective option.

Q. Do I need to take my shoes off inside the bounce house?

  • Yes, shoes must be taken off on inflatables.

Q. How much space will I need for my inflatable rental?

  • Dimensions for each product are listed on the product page. We recommend at least 1 ft. of extra clearance on all sides. If you want your inflatable placed in your backyard, you also need to make sure that your gate is at least 3.5 ft. wide to allow enough space to get our equipment through.

Q. Do I need to supply power for my party rental?

  • Yes, power is required for inflatables and most of our other rental items. If you don’t have power outlets located nearby or your event is at a park, you may need to rent a generator from us. Most rentals require 1 to 2 outlets (on separate breakers) within 50 ft. of wherever the item is placed. We provide 50-75 ft. extension cords at no extra cost.

Q. Can you set up inflatables at parks?

  • Yes. However, most parks require you to get approval prior to setting up a moonwalk. They also require a certificate of insurance, which we can provide for an additional $35. At the view cart page or last step of checkout you will have the option to select that your event will be at a park.

Q. When do I pay for my order?

  • A 50% down payment is due when you make the initial reservation. The remainder of the payment is due on the date of your event (of course, you can pay early, if you prefer). For schools, government agencies, or nonprofits that need to pay with purchase orders or checks, please call us at (281) 606-5867 to make a reservation.

Q. What if I need to cancel my reservation?

  • Our no-hassle reschedule policy means you can cancel for any reason up until your scheduled delivery time. You will receive a “rescheduling” credit that is valid any time which does not expire. Credit will not be issued after we have delivered the rental equipment. We do not allow refunds.

Q. What happens if it rains on the day of my party?

  • We have a pretty flexible weather policy. Weather sometimes changes so much that it will rain for 1 hour in one part of the city and then be sunny the rest of the day. Our weather policy is basically you have until the time the drivers arrive at your house to cancel, and not lose your deposit. If they get there and it's raining, or you feel it may rain you can just tell them you want to cancel and reschedule. We will issue you store credit for the amount paid which you can use towards a new reservation. You can also choose to reschedule your reservation prior anytime. If it rains after we leave and have setup, you will be responsible for full payment. Note that if it rains partially during your party, you can always continue use after it rains. We just recommend drying it off with a towel if it's not a water slide and to keep the blower from getting wet as much as possible. If you decide to continue with the party despite the weather and we set up the equipment, you will be responsible for paying for the moonwalk.

Q. What rules do my guests and I need to follow to ensure a safe time?

  • Group kids by size when playing in inflatables. Bigger kids or adults should not bounce with younger/smaller kids to help prevent them from being injured. Only 1 person is allowed to slide down each slide at a time. Someone should be in charge of monitoring the inflatable at all times so that children don’t slide down while someone is still exiting. A good protocol is to allow one child to climb the stairs when one child exits. No flips or rough horseplay. If wind speeds exceed 15 mph, exit the moonwalk and turn it off. If you see the moonwalk or tree limbs swaying, this is a strong indication that wind speeds are too high.

Q. What if I am tax exempt?

  • Option 1: You can place your order now & pay only 50% at checkout. Afterwards just email us a copy of your tax exempt form to so we can take off the taxes. Option 2: You can create an account from our my account area and email us a copy of your tax exempt form. We will then locate your account and make it so taxes are always exempt from your online orders.

Q. Can you provide inflatables for an overnight “lock-in” party?

  • Yes, however, our website may not include the option for some products to be booked past 10 pm. In those cases, you must call (281-606-5867) or email us to set up a reservation later than 10pm. There may be a special delivery/pick up surcharge. An alternative option is you can select 8am (next morning) pick up for the next day for the most cost effective option. Please note, we may actually pick up as late as 2pm, but have the option to pick up as early as 8am if the items are rented the next day.

Q. Can you provide attendants to supervise the inflatables?

  • Yes, we supply attendants that can monitor your rented items for the duration of your event for $25/hr. Attendants are often used to do things like serve concessions or refuel your rented generator.

Q. How far in advance should I book?

  • We suggest booking as early as possible to avoid your items getting booked out, however we can be ready to deliver your bounce house if it's available with at least 2hrs notice.

Q. How do bounce houses stay inflated?

  • An electric fan blower is used to inflate the moonwalk. It must be turned on and attached to the moonwalk the entire time that the inflatable unit is being used, or the moonwalk will deflate.

Q. Can I slide with my child down a slide?

  • No, only one person should slide down each slide at once. Children should slide separately from parents to prevent accidents from happening at the bottom of the inflatable. Only 1 person is allowed to slide down each slide at a time.

Q. What time will you deliver?

  • After you select and confirm your rental items on our website, you will see a list of options that allows you to choose windows for your preferred drop-off and pick-up times. We will contact you the day before your event to get a more specific timeframe within that window. Typically, we drop-off at least 1-2 hours prior to your event’s start time and pick-up items within 1-2 hours after your requested end time.