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  • Power: 1 Outlet(s)

  • Setup: Indoor


Create a visual spectacle at your Houston event with our cutting-edge Custom Gobo + Gobo Projector. Engineered for clarity and versatility, this projector allows you to display custom designs, from company logos to thematic patterns, transforming any space into a tailored experience.

The Gobo Projector's robust build and advanced optics are designed for both indoor and outdoor settings, ensuring your custom Gobo shines through even in ambient light conditions. With easy-to-use functionality, it's suitable for event planners and do-it-yourself hosts alike, offering a straightforward setup that delivers professional results.

Our projector comes with customizable Gobo options. Whether you're looking to commemorate a special occasion with a monogram or highlight your brand at a corporate event, the precision etching of the Gobos ensures that every detail is sharp and clear.


High-Intensity Illumination

Customizable Gobo Templates

Adjustable Focus

Enhanced Contrast

High Brightness

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Wide Projection Range

Portable Design

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