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Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screens in Dallas, TX

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Movie Nights will never be the same! Book our Inflatable Movie Screens today for a night full of fun! 24/7 online ordering, clean, safe, fun!

About Us

Sky High Party Rentals began in the early 2000's with one bounce house jumper that started in a garage. We are now the premier event rental company for moon bounce house rentals in the world. Booking an inflatable jump house has never been more easy.

Our huge line of award winning specialty themed bouncy castles give families the ability to transform any backyard into a child's land of imagination. If you are looking for bounce house party rentals near me, you’ve come to the right place! Booking an inflatable order can be made right here at our website 24/7 for around the clock delivery.



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Q. Do I need a movie license?

  • As you plan your next outdoor movie event, it's important to stay compliant with copyright laws. Whenever you show a movie outside your house, it must be licensed. So, whether you're screening a family-friendly film at a local park or planning a holiday movie viewing at your business, you will need a movie license. Never fear, we have two companies that provide this service for you. Please contact Criterion Pictures at or Swank at for pricing.

Q. How far in advance do I need to reserve the movie screen?

  • We recommend at least 1-2 weeks before or as soon as possible to guarantee the reservation of the item.

Q. Can the movie screen be used for a Drive In movie theater.

  • Absolutely. We have FM Transmitters to blast the audio to vehicles within 500ft of the Movie. Please note, you will be required to obtain a movie license prior.

Q. How much space is needed for setup?

  • We recommend a 48ft X 34ft X 62ft area (few ft more on each side might be needed for the clearance) to allow the projection reach its best quality.

Q. Can it be set up Indoors?

  • It can be set up outdoors or indoors provided there is enough space.

Q. Can we do the movie screening during the daylight hours?

  • No. Sky High Party Rentals operates under the same set up and lighting with other types of movie theaters or cinemas, it should be a night time event.

Q. How do you set up the inflatable movie screen?

  • We usually use stakes on grassy surfaces and sandbags on conrete or solid surfaces. However, if you prefer us to use sandbags on grassy areas we can also do that.

Q. Will someone from your company stay all throughout the event?

  • Yes, someone will stay to man and supervise the event and to make sure everything is working properly.

Q. Do you provide the movie and the generator?

  • No, we don't provide the Movie and the generator but we provide all the accessories namely: DVD Players, Projector and speakers. You will need to provide 2 outlets on a separate breaker to power the item.

Q. How do you go about licensing?

  • Backyard or private movie screening events don't need licensing. However for events done in public, licensing and permission should be secured by the customer.

Q. What is the standard rental time?

  • You have the choice to rent it for 1-2 hours or 4 hours.

Q. Does rental time include the set up and take down?

  • Yes, we will setup prior to the event so you get the entire rental time to play and enjoy the movie, and pickup everything when the event is over which is included in the rental fee.

Q. What steps are you taking for the Covid19?

  • We have a 3 step cleaning process. First we vacuum and wash away with soap and water all dirt & mud from our equipment. Our employees wear gloves and face masks during the cleaning time. Our next step is to use an EPA approved disinfectant for combatting Covid-19. The name of the disinfectant we use is Simple Green Pro D 5 cleaner. We apply this product to anywhere someone might have come in contact with clean towels. This includes the inflatable, speakers, DVD Players, etc.

Q. Do you require a deposit?

  • Yes, we require a 25% deposit to confirm your reservation. A deposit guarantees your reservation.

Q. What if we need to cancel?

  • Our no-hassle reschedule policy means you can cancel for any reason up until your scheduled delivery time. You will receive a “rescheduling” store credit equal to the amount that you paid and that is valid any time which does not expire. Credit will not be issued after we have delivered the rental equipment. We do not allow refunds.

Q. Are you insured?

  • Yes, we are fully insured and each inflatable is inspected and certified by the state each year. Certificate of Insurance and state inspection certificates will be provided upon request. There is a $35 charge if something needs to be listed/added as insured on the Certificate of Insurance.