20'x40' Frame Tent Rental

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  • 20ft x 40ft frame tent Houston
  • 20'x40' High Peak Tent Rental Houston
  • 20ft x 40ft frame tent schematics
  • 20ft x 40ft layout tent rentals
  • 20ft x 40ft frame tent Houston
  • 20'x40' High Peak Tent Rental Houston
  • 20ft x 40ft frame tent schematics
  • 20ft x 40ft layout tent rentals
This 20'x40' frame tent has a design that provides an elegant looking and clear open floor. Its Fire Retardant, UV Resistant, Block-Out vinyl material attributes are craftily made to protect you and your guests. A 20'x40' Marquee Frame Tent accommodates 80 people for sit down dinners, 100 people for buffet style dinners, or 140 for stand up & cocktail style dinners.

Additional Information

Size 20'x40'x18'
Occupancy 80 People
Brand Marquee Tent
Setup Outdoor


No Pole in Middle
Accommodates 80 people for sit down dinners
Perfect for cocktail style dinners
Elegant looking for any event

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Q. How many people will my tent be able to fit?
  • Although tent capacity is dependent on the layout of your event, a general rule of thumb is that our 20'x40' tents seat 66-80 people when using a 6' rectangle table or round table layout. For events that do not require tables this tent can hold anywhere from 100-133 people, depending on how closely you arrange your chairs.

Q. Can my tent be placed on concrete?
  • For an additional fee of 75 dollars, Sky High supplies water barrels that will keep your tent secure on concrete and hard surfaces. Please keep in mind that in order for the barrels to effectively secure your tent, your location must be able to provide a source of water. Also,

Q. Will I be able to install the tent myself?
  • For safety and liability reasons, only a skilled professional from our team will be able to set up your tent.

Q. Will I be able to cook under or near my tent?
  • While the tents we provide are flame retardent, heat and smoke created from cooking can cause permanent damage to the tent and create a hazard for your guests.

Q. What do I do in the event of an emergency?
  • In the event of a hurricane, tornado, or thunderstorm, evacuate the vicinity of the tent and seek shelter immediately. Very strong winds can displace the tent, allowing it to topple or move freely. Call our helpline at (281) 606-5867 for any questions or concerns.

Q. How much space will my tent require?
  • At least 5' of space surrounding the perimeter of the tent is required (Although 10' is recommended). This 30'x30' tent, for instance, requires at least an 25'x45' area of space. We recommend that you perform all area measurements before the day of your event.

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