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About Us

Sky High Party Rentals began in the early 2000's with one bounce house jumper that started in a garage. We are now the premier event rental company for moon bounce house rentals in the world. Booking an inflatable jump house has never been more easy.

Our huge line of award winning specialty themed bouncy castles give families the ability to transform any backyard into a child's land of imagination. If you are looking for bounce house party rentals near me, you’ve come to the right place! Booking an inflatable order can be made right here at our website 24/7 for around the clock delivery.



  •  Open 7 days
  •  High Quality
  •  24/7 Ordering
  •  State Inspected
  •  Fully Insured for Parks
  •  Superior Service

Q. Do I have to use this specific set or can I pick and choose what pieces I want?

  • You can pick and choose, but please contact us so we can ensure you have the pieces you want.

Q. Can you spread these pieces out?

  • Yes, you can spread out these pieces out as far as you want.

Q. Can you use this furniture inside or outside?

  • Yes, you can use these inside or outside. Please have a plan if it rains to keep the collection dry, it should not be rained on. Please keep the items away from grass or mud as they can also stain easily.