Tank Moonwalk (Tiny Yard Series)

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    tank moonwalk rental
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    Tank bouncey castle
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    inflatable tank war moonwalk
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  • tank moonwalk rental
  • Tank bouncey castle
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What kid doesn’t dream of riding in a military tank? Here is a unique moonwalk that will bring one right into their backyard! This big green bounce house features America's symbolic red, white, and blue stripes and patriotic stars -- perfect for your July 4th or Memorial Day celebrations! It will certainly make its mark at any kid's event, as they bounce the day away in their favorite army green vehicle.

Additional Information

Size 12'L x 12'W x 12'H
Power 1 Outlet(s)
Operators 1 Adult Supervision Required
Setup Indoor/Outdoor


Recommended for small get-togethers with family or friends.
Military Themed perfect for army birthday parties and returning service member celebrations.
Only one tank inflatable bouncer exists in Houston, TX.
Fun for Ages 3 to 8.
Holds Up to 5 children.
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