Ring Toss Carnival Game

  • Ring Toss Carnival Game Rentals
  • Ring Toss Game Rental
  • Ring Toss Carnival Game Rentals
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  • Ring Toss Game Rental
Ring Toss has been a festival staple forever! Just unlatch and unfold and you are all set for fun! Players of all ages will have a great time scoring points, there are 5 multicolored rows with 6 pegs, just set a mark to throw and distinguish point-values for each color or row and competitors will be lining up to best their rivals' scores.

Additional Information

Size 2.5'L X 2.5'W X 3.5'H
Operators 1 Adult Supervision Required
Setup Indoor/Outdoor


Interactive Ring Toss
Carnival Classic Game
Fun for Everyone
Great at Schools
Perfect Indoors

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