The Gladiator

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  • Gladiator inflatable obstacle
The roman-themed Gladiator Obstacle Course is a massive bounce house full of action and adventure. It has a giant armor-clad gladiator towering overhead, inflatable barriers to tackle, and challenging hurdles your kids will love. This obstacle course is very popular at outdoor school events and birthday parties. It is great for kids of all ages and is one of the largest bouncy castles we offer. The Gladiator Obstacle Course is truly a fantastic experience your kids will always remember.

Additional Information

Size 32ft L X 30ft W X 21ft H
Power 2 Outlet(s)
Operators 2 Adult Supervision Required


Colossal Gladiator Arena themed obstacle course.
Kid-friendly for ease of access to climb and slide.
Great for kids and adults!
Crawl, weave, or push through the pop-out obstacles.
Great for large events with numerous guests.

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