Winter Holiday Package C8

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    Winter Holiday 2018 Rentals
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  • Winter Holiday 2018 Rentals
Make planning your next Holiday event a breeze with our Christmas package! This set includes a Christmas Bounce House, Giant Snow Globe, Mickey Toddler Playground, and Giant Jenga Game. It also comes with a generator and an attendant to help make sure your party goes smoothly. Rent this package, and let Sky High make your event day that much simpler. You’ll have your very own North Pole up and running in no time!

Additional Information

Power 3 Outlet(s)
Operators 1 Adult Supervision Included
Setup Indoor/Outdoor


13 x 13 Christmas Moonwalk (14'4" L X 13'3" W X 13'0"H)
10ft Snow Globe (14'4" L X 13'3" W X 13'0"H)
Mickey Mouse Toddler Playground (22' L X 22' W X 13' H)
Giant Jenga Set (7" x 2.5" x 1.25" for Each Block)
1 Attendant
1 6000 Watt Generator

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