15ft Water Slide

  • 15ft water slide rental
  • Water Sliding
  • Sliding Down and Splashing
  • 15ft water slide rental
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  • Water Sliding
  • Sliding Down and Splashing
If you are looking for an enjoyable way to spend the day with the kids, then look no further. Sky High has an incredible 15' water slide perfect for the entire family! This wonderful bounce house can be used as a water slide with an attached pool that is great during those hot summer months or as a fantastic dry slide any other time of the year! It is truly the best addition to any party. It is completely safe and affordable so rent it today. Enter you zip code now to see if we service your party area.

Additional Information

Size 28'L x 12'W x 15'H
Power 1 Outlet(s)
Operators 1 Adult Supervision Required
Setup Indoor/Outdoor


15 Feet High
Includes a Pool
Ages 3 and Up
Matches Most Themes
Very Popular

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