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    Rent a 1.5 horsepower blower and get it delivered the same day. Our blowers can be used for inflation of bounce houses or for the drying of houses due to hurricanes or floods. Unlike traditional carpet fans, our 1.5 hp blowers pack a lot of power and can dry areas twice as fast as conventional fans for a fraction of the costs. Please note these blowers require 1 dedicated 20amp breaker as they sometimes peak at 11 to 12 amps.


    Can be used for drying homes with water damage

    4X Stronger than Normal Carpet Blowers

    Can blow up a 15ft x 15ft inflatable moonwalk without any issues.

    No problems with the blower, will function like brand new.

    Reconditioned to make sure no cracks in the housing.

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    2020-07-11 00:00:00

    The blowers are awesome.

    We've rented from you all these awesome blowers. They were very efficient and user-friendly to be used. We will definitely rent again soon.

    Cynthia P. - Missouri City, TX

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