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DJ Event Rentals

  • Wireless Uplight Rental - Houston

    1-4hrs $35/6hrs $35

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  • 21" Long - LED Uplight


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  • Custom Monogram Party Rentals

    1-4hrs $400/6hrs $400

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  • Photo Booth Rentals Houston

    1-2hrs $160/4hrs $160

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  • Uplighting

    1-4hrs $460/6hrs $460

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  • Dancing on the Clouds Wedding Rentals

    1hr $460/2hrs $460

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  • Professional DJ Rentals

    1-2hrs $160/4hrs $160

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  • LED Illuminated dance floor


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  • Holiday SpecialHoliday Special
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About Us

We're a bunch of parents ourselves that got together to start a company that helps keep the kids busy, outside! When we started there was very few unique inflatables you could find or many reliable companies to choose from.

What's worse, these companies wouldn't answer phones or emails. They weren't insured for parks, and had terrible reviews. We knew there had to be a better way to get fun delivered effortlessly anywhere we wanted. So we set out and created Sky High Party Rentals. Book an inflatable online in minutes and get amazing fun delivered clean, safe, and on time.

Our huge line of themed and licensed bounce houses give families the ability to transform any backyard into the land of imagination they've always dreamed of.


  •  Open 7 days
  •  High Quality
  •  24/7 Ordering
  •  State Inspected
  •  Insured for Parks
  •  Superior Service