Virtual Reality Party Bundle

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Step inside virtual reality with the HTC Vive virtual reality headset and motion tracking controller gestures now available to Houston, TX and surrounding areas. Fully immersive virtual reality is at your fingertips with games that mimic archery, futuristic lazer shooting, and 3D experiences you have to see to believe. Included with all VR experiences we offer is an attendant to guide you through learning what's new in the most exciting technology available today.

Additional Information

Size 12ft X 12ft Space/Moving Area Per Headset
Power 1 Outlet(s)
Operators Includes 1 Attendant
Occupancy 1/10-15 minutes
Brand HTC

Key Features

2x HTC Vives
1x Oculus Rift
Movement Tracking Cameras
Motion Tracking Controllers
Specs: Invidia Gforce GTX 1070/1080
CPU Intel L Core I5/I7 6700K
Video Monitor for Guest Viewing

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